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Rotary District 5030 presents a Hunger Strike, designed to support Harvest Against Hunger!


People from Western Washington will be joining Rotarians in a Hunger Strike!    Together we will raise funds to benefit your hometown foodbank, and Harvest Against Hunger, where every dollar we raise together provides 4.4 pounds of healthy surplus produce to your town's local food banks.

Right now, 1-6 people in Washington are hungry, we need your help to change that.  Click below to take action and help us in this Hunger Strike!

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What is Harvest Against Hunger?

Harvest Against Hunger connects farmers, truckers, volunteers, and communities to reduce hunger and food waste.

Our mission is to feed people experiencing hunger with surplus nutritious produce, we

connect farmers, produce packing facilities, transportation providers and food banks;
Develop and share innovative hunger relief solutions; and,
Engage the public in hunger relief.

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How Harvest Against Hunger Helps.

We work across the food spectrum to build the right connections.
From full-sized semi truckloads of apples to five boxes of fresh berries and everything in between, we work with a variety of partners to develop and support programs that are tailored to the unique attributes and needs of their communities. 

Click on the links below to learn about our programs and see how we invest in building sustainable, replicable, and impactful programs.

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How You Can Help

Harvest Against Hunger continues to build and expand our programs that feed hungry people, reduce food waste and build healthier communities throughout.  You can contribute to this good work and get involved.  Join this hunger strike, make a donation, or roll up your sleeves and lend a hand at our Western Washington Facility..

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Rotary District 5030 SUPPORT

Harvest Against Hunger, the foodbanks and the people they support have long been funded, facilitated and organized by Rotarians and the Rotary Clubs of District 5030.  Harvest Against Hunger makes connections to help get surplus produce to hungry people.
As both a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and a program of Rotary District 5030, Harvest Against Hunger works with farmers, truckers, volunteers and others to bring valuable skills and resources into hunger relief efforts in communities across Washington state and beyond.

Not a Rotatian?  Not a problem, the Hunger Strike is a true community endevor and if you care about feeding hungry kids in our area, pick a lane below and join Rotary in helping Harvest Against Hunger!

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